Rules and Regulations

Terms and conditions for the fruition of RVF Finacial S.r.l. shows

We ask all customers to carefully read the conditions listed below, which will be constantly updated and integrated. Any conditions different in whole or in part from what follows,
referring to one or more specific shows, will be published here with precise reference. In case you need any further information or clarification, we invite you to write an email to

RVF Financial Srl (hereafter referred to as RVF) based in Tortolì, Corso Umberto 70 / c, is a company that organizes concerts and more generally entertainment shows (hereafter referred to as show/s).

Except for specific cases that will be expressly disclosed through this website, RVF does not directly sell tickets for its shows, but grants the right to make such sales to channels
and/or third party sites (box offices and/or websites that provide online purchase service) which, having received this assignment from RVF itself, are the only ones authorized to sell tickets. The names of these authorized third parties will be clearly highlighted on this site for each scheduled show. As a consequence, any request related to the purchase of tickets, for example, requests relating to payment, shipments and pick-ups, the possibility of choosing seats, failure to deliver purchased tickets, etc, should be addressed to the individual network where tickets were purchased. Such channels will respond on the basis of their operating procedures which will be drawn up, published and communicated according to the independent choices of these third parties and on which RVF has no power to intervene.

Except as provided in the foregoing rules, RVF, as the organizer of its own shows, establishes the following conditions with reference to its concerts:

Access to the entertainment area:

RVF may prevent spectators in possession of tickets not issued by the sales circuits or resulting false from entering the entertainment area or from staying inside it, and it also reserves the right to act in favor of the broadest protection of its rights in case of counterfeiting or abuse of any kind. Admission to the show may also be prohibited to those who have tickets that are not intact or no longer legible in their entirety. Each spectator also undertakes to comply with the provisions of the security service and staff in the entertainment area.

RVF reserves the right to remove spectators from the show area in the event of serious violations of these general conditions, violations of law, orders from the competent authorities and, in any case, of behaviors that are potentially dangerous for the safety of other spectators and/or for the peaceful and regular performance of the show.

Inside the venue, it is forbidden to:

  • introduce or hold firearms or firearms, explosive material, pyrotechnic artifices, smoke bombs, illuminating torches, stones, knives or other pointed or cutting objects, instruments capable of offending or suitable for being launched, sound instruments, megaphones and other sound emission or amplification, instruments for the emission of concentrated light rays (laser pointers and the like), professional or semi-professional cameras, remote-controlled drones and airplanes and other objects which may constitute a danger to the safety of the people;
  • introduce self-defense spray cans, flammable liquids, spray deodorants, coolants and irritants ignition devices, pyrotechnic articles and rockets, corrosive substances, flammable liquid/solid substances including alcohol above 70 degrees, magnetizing substances, oxidizing
    substances and organic peroxides, including bleach, toxic or infectious substances, lasers, torches and lamps of all kinds;
  • introduce plastic bottles, cans, glass containers and the like;
  • introduce alcoholic beverages of any strength and non-alcoholic (any other drink will be sold directly in the stalls within the concert area;
  • introduce or hold narcotic substances, poison, harmful substances, flammable materials, paints or other soiling material;
  • access the venue under the effect of narcotic or psychotropic substances;
  • introduce animals of any kind;
  • expose material that obstructs visibility to other spectators or interferes with the emergency signs or prevents reaching emergency exits;
  • engage in arbitrary or aggressive acts against stewards and/or control and security personnel;
  • carry out any form of propaganda of any kind and in any way that has not been previously authorized, in writing, by the company organizing the event;
  • carry out any kind of commercial activity that has not been previously authorized in writing by the company organizing the event;
  • to adopt behaviors that cause damage to other spectators;
  • damage or tamper in any way with facilities, infrastructures and plant services;
  • climbing balustrades, parapets, partitions and other structures not intended for the public;
  • park on the stairs, on the access and exit routes and any other escape route;
  • without the prior consent of the stewards, introduce belts with large metal buckles, umbrellas, crutches, and other accessories or aids; the stewards, in the presence of items considered possibly dangerous or improper, may deny the consent. Wheelchairs for the disabled, as well as strollers and prams for infants, can only access from the entrance.


Children four years old or younger can access the show for free only if held in the arms, accompanied by a person who is in charge of them, with a regular ticket (prams, strollers, etc, are not allowed).
In non-numbered, single seated or seated sectors (including VIP packages or seated VIP package), the child has to pay the ticket price of the corresponding sector.

All minors sixteen years old or younger will be able to attend the show, if accompanied by an adult, limit two minors per ticketed adult.
Minors without parental supervision are understood to be at the full risk of who has parental authority over the minors themselves. RVF declines all responsibility in the case of minors who attend the event without a guardian.

Disabled Access:

Spectators with reduced mobility who want to attend the shows in the places reserved for them by law (variable depending on the location) must send an e-mail to, attaching the properly completed booking form:

Fill out the booking form for spectators with disabilities and attach a medical document certifying the disability as well as
a photocopy of your identity card.

Once the maximum number of seats available by law has been exhausted, it will be no longer possible to satisfy other requests with reference to said show.

Upon entering the concert, you may be asked to present the certificate of invalidity or another equivalent document.

The Red Valley Festival policy requires that the disabled person purchase the ticket for the event while the person accompanying said disabled person will access for free.


Without prejudice to the obligations referred to the ordinary performance of security personnel (which operates under the direction of the organising company), the client relieves the event organiser company of any civil or criminal liability including personal injury, private violence and/or bodily injury that should be caused by arbitrary violent and/or aggressive acts of third parties suffered by participants to the event. The event organiser company will not be responsible for any acts performed by the artists if contrary to public order and morality, invitation and/or incitement for the audience of the festival to perform dangerous activities that endanger the safety of the audience itself including accompanied and unaccompanied minors. In these cases, the participant undertakes to exercise due diligence by rapidly moving away from the above mentioned situations.

Bad Weather

The show will take place in case of rain and other adverse weather conditions. Unless otherwise communicated by the organiser (RVF) or otherwise ordered by the competent authorities the show will take place in case of any adverse event. Therefore, the participant will not have a right to a refund if the event takes place unless the Show is canceled officially and the below conditions are applied.
In the case the show were interrupted definitively after at least 45 minutes from the beginning, there will not be a right to a refund.

Loss or theft

In no case, will the duplication or reprinting be allowed for tickets already issued and subsequently lost, damaged, partially unreadable, or stolen. Nor can the substitution with a ticked to the same event or different event be requested for a lost, damaged, stolen, or even a partially unreadable ticket.


Variation of the program of the Show, deferral, and postponement:

RVF has the right to change place and/or data and/or time of the show for reasons of force majeure (by way of example, but not limited to earthquakes, riots, storms, general strike, etc…) or for technical and organisational reasons. The spectator has the burden to periodically check this web site to verify that the place, date, or time of the event have not changed. In case of variation of the program of the show, the purchased ticket should be considered valid for the show that takes place in a location and/or different date and/or time. In the event where the beginning or the end of the show has changed but the event takes place on the day originally planned, or where the show is moved to a location within the same region where the event should have taken place, there will be no right to a refund for the price of the ticket. In any other case, the spectator can keep the ticket and use it to enter the show in a different location or planned date or obtain a refund for the price of the ticket according to the following modalities.


Show cancellation – Refunds:

RVF has the right to cancel the event at any time for reasons of force majeure or technical and organisational reasons. In this case, this web site and the websites of authorised ticket vendors will communicate all the information concerning the ticket price refund modalities, bearing in mind that, unless otherwise specified, the refund should be requested from the point of sales or point-of-sales network where the ticket was purchased and not from RVF. Under no circumstances, will it be possible to request a refund at the box office at the show venue.

Furthermore, it is understood that, unless expressly indicated, in case of cancellation of the show, the buyer will have a right to a refund of the ticket price, excluding presale rights costs, charges, commissions and/or any additional amount that the authorized retailer has requested and collected from the buyer.

Except for the abovementioned ticket price, RVF will not be responsible for any cost, charge, and endured or suffered damages by the buyer caused by the show cancellation and in any other case of refund granted by RVF itself.

The organiser is not responsible for tickets purchased outside of the network of authorised vendors not mentioned in official communications

In the event where the client w to renounce to the access pass/passes previously purchased he/she will not have a right to receive a refund nor for the price of the access pass/passes nor the possible additional commissions. In fact, it is not possible to exercise the right to withdrawal in accordance article 55 of the Italian Consumer Code and in accordance with the May 22, 1999, legislative decree n.185 as written in article 7(b).  .The organiser asserts its right to refuse to refund for no reason.


Audio and Video Recording:

In accordance with article 13 of the Decree 196 of June 30, 1996 (Italian Privacy Code), RVF informs all subjects that will participate to the show that they may be recorded, photographed, or filmed and that such images or recordings could be used to create promotional/commercial material regarding this show and artists/subjects.
The participant to the show agrees to be photographed, filmed or recorded by RVF, with the right to transfer to selected third parties, and for the use of his/her image within promotional and/or commercial materials abovementioned.
Purchasing tickets and entering the show is not possible upon refusal to agree to the previously mentioned terms.
It is forbidden for the spectator to record, photograph, and film the show in whole or in part regardless of the audio or video equipment. RVF asserts its right to perform any type of control during the show and to act against the transgressors for the widest possible protection of its own rights or of those of the artist who take part in the show.


Special conditions for Festivals:

Throughout the world, festivals are by definition multi-artist events meant as exhibitions in which several artists and musicians perform (for example, Ultra Music or Tomorrowland). Such nature allows the Festivals organized by RVF Financial S.r.l. to have the following special provisions, possibly notwithstanding the above-mentioned conditions. It is therefore understood that in the event of a conflict with the above general provisions, the following special conditions will apply to the Festivals organised by RVF Financial S.r.l.

Cancellation of the exhibition of one or more artists from the Festival’s Program.

Apart from possible exceptions disclosed from time to time and in a clear manner on this site, in the event where the exhibition of one or more artists planned in the context of a Festival is canceled without determining to the cancellation of the Festival as a whole, there is no full or partial refund of the price of the ticket.


Last Update: 09/12/2019