we are here

finding us is easy
leaving us is not

follow the party

Google will tell you how to reach Arbatax: you already know your position. Just type your destination “Arbatax Piazzale Rocce Rosse”, follow the directions and start listening to the sound checks, the vibrations and the laughter of the people who are already there.

Finding us is easy and we’ll be here waiting for you.

You can reach us by car, bus, BlaBlaCar, motorcycle, moped, boat or even other bold means of transport.

If you like flying instead, just wait for the concert to start.

go straight

how to reach
red valley festival

take the first exit on the right

From Cagliari : 2h – 130,8 km

From Nuoro : 1h 24min – 84,8 km

From Olbia : 2h 29min – 168,6 km

From Oristano : 2h 27min – 154,9 km

From Sassari : 3h 2min – 186,7 km

From Cagliari : 3h 39min

From Nuoro : 3h 3min

From Olbia : 5h 48min

From Oristano : 5h 35min

From Sassari : 5h 40min

From Olbia : 5h 21min

From Oristano : to Cagliari 56 min – 89.2 Km

From Sassari : 4h 54min

ok, I'm ready

If you have packed your backpack, charged your phone, and worn your festival outfit you are ready for your experience at Red Valley.

You only need your ticket.